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December 11 2008

Nice!  Must try!

December 02 2008

So with Pownce shutting down, here are my other profiles:


November 27 2008

November 17 2008

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A few days behind, or a few days early???? Here's my current desktop on the MacBook.

November 16 2008

Dinner at Salt creek grill in Princeton FTW
!djworth Will do! I'll have a small writeup when I get it. T-mobile says it's on backorder. I hope I get it soon!!
Hmmm... My Pownce updates seem to be broken. The last item I see is from 1 day ago, and I know there are more current items. (received email notification of replies). Can anyone see this, and are you seeing the same problems?

November 15 2008

Just ordered a T-Mobile G1!

November 11 2008

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I got hold of the office Mini 9...

November 05 2008

Made an agreement with my wife (prior to the projections) that if Obama broke 300 electoral votes, I'd start working out again today.
CNN using Open Source as an analogy to how Obama might lead.
Loving the BBC America coverage of the election.

November 04 2008

Just voted!

November 01 2008

Installing OpenBSD 4.4 in a VM

October 29 2008

Search And Replace In Multiple Files

I found this to be useful today.
Doing XML analysis. Parsing comes next...

October 28 2008

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SQL Server to me: "I'm busy right now. Call back later."

October 25 2008

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